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Pinnacle Capital Management

Founded in 2006, we are an SEC registered Investment Advisor building and managing stock and bond portfolios for individuals and institutions. Additionally, we serve as investment manager to two funds – a mutual fund and private fund.

What We Do

As an SEC-registered advisor and as a fiduciary, PCM actively manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for individual and institutional investors utilizing equity, fixed income, and alternative securities.

We have developed a practice that caters to the individual needs of our clients by delivering customized investment portfolios. PCM is part of the Pinnacle Family of Companies that collectively oversees over $2 billion of client assets.

Investment Philosophy

Success for our clients is a result of a simple philosophy. When markets offer sufficient returns given underlying risk, it is appropriate to take on that risk to generate investment returns. When markets do not offer sufficient returns given underlying risk, it is appropriate to forego returns and, instead, strive to protect capital.

This philosophy applies to asset classes, sectors, as well as individual securities.

PCM Capabilities

Download this brochure to see what we do for clients and what we offer investment professionals:  PCM Capabilities

access to
portfolio managers

Asset management firms may tout their Portfolio Managers’ expertise. PCM offers direct access to our seasoned and disciplined Portfolio Managers, via telephone or even in person.